Pharm Ch 1

Topics: Pharmacology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical drug Pages: 16 (2077 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Fulcher: Pharmacology, 3rd Edition

Chapter 01: Introduction to Pharmacology and Its Legal and Ethical Aspects

Test Bank


1.The definition of drug dosage is
|a. |to give a medication | |b. |the amount of medication in a single dose | |c. |chemicals that affect living processes | |d. |a written direction for dispensing drugs |


2.Pharmacology is defined as the
|a. |study of diseases | |b. |use of drugs to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease | |c. |study of drugs, their uses, and their interactions in living tissue | |d. |study of administration of drugs |


3.To administer a drug means to
|a. |give that medication | |b. |figure the dosage of the medication | |c. |see how the medication affects the person | |d. |write a prescription for a medication |


4.OTC means
|a. |off the channel | |b. |over the chemical | |c. |only after the chemical trials | |d. |over the counter |


5.Which of the following may prescribe medications?
|a. |pharmacists | |b. |physicians | |c. |medical assistants | |d. |all of the above |


6.Who dispenses medications?
|a. |physicians | |b. |allied health professionals | |c. |pharmacists | |d. |all of the above |


7.An action following the administration of a medication that is completely unexpected, undesirable, and unintended is a(n) |a. |side effect | |b. |adverse reaction | |c. |a and b...
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