Pharmaceutical Analysis in Bangladesh

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A report on:
Export Potentiality of Pharmaceutical goods in Bangladesh

Submitted To:
Mohammed Sohail Mustafa
Course instructor
Submitted By:
Mahbub Mayan
111 111 079
Saidur Rahman Shamrat
111 111 033
Md. Shahaid Jurain Alam
111 121 645
Proma Rahman
111 121 069

Submission Date: 26th August, 2014

Letter of Transmittal

November 8, 2000
Mohammed Sohail Mustafa
United International University
Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Subject: Submission of report on “ export potentiality of Pharmaceutical goods in Bangladesh”  
Here is the report on export potentiality of Pharmaceutical goods in Bangladesh that you asked us to make for the course International Business.  As you will see, there is a high potentiality of exporting of pharmaceutical goods in Bangladesh. We are thankful to all those persons who provided us important information and

gave us valuable advices. We would be happy if you read the report carefully and

We will be trying to answer all the questions that you have about the assignment.

We have tried our label best to complete this assignment meaningfully and

Correctly, as much as possible. We do believe that our tiresome effort will help

you to get ahead with this sort of venture. In this case it will be meaningful to us.

However, if you need any assistance in interpreting this assignment please contact

us without any kind of hesitation.

Thanking you.

Yours obediently,
Mahbub Mayan
On behalf of the group

The opportunity that Muhammed Sohail Mustafa Sir has given us was really help full to get much informative. Therefore, we consider myself as a very lucky individuals as we were provided with an opportunity to be a part of it. we am also grateful for having a chance to explore so many knowledge for making this report. Bearing in mind previous I am using this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to the MD of [Company name] who in spite of being extraordinarily busy with her/his duties, took time out to hear, guide and keep me on the correct path and allowing me to carry out my project at their esteemed organization and extending during the training. I express my deepest thanks to [Name Surname], [Position in the Company] for taking part in useful decision & giving necessary advices and guidance and arranged all facilities to make life easier. I choose this moment to acknowledge his/her contribution gratefully. It is my radiant sentiment to place on record my best regards, deepest sense of gratitude to Mr./Ms. [Name Surname], [Position in the Company], Mr./Ms. [Name Surname], [Position in the Company], Mr./Ms. [Name Surname], [Position in the Company] and Mr./Ms. [Name Surname], [Position in the Company] for their careful and precious guidance which were extremely valuable for my study both theoretically and practically. I perceive as this opportunity as a big milestone in my career development. I will strive to use gained skills and knowledge in the best possible way, and I will continue to work on their improvement, in order to attain desired career objectives. Hope to continue cooperation with all of you in the future, Sincerely,

Name Surname

Table of Content

Table of Contents
1. Introduction1
2. Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh3
i) History4
ii) Local Market Overview6
iii) Drug Quality of Bangladesh7
3. Multinational Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh10
4. Overseas Market12
5. Post WTO Opportunities12
I) Export13
II) Compulsory Licensing and Contract Manufacturing14
III) Joint-Venture Investment Opportunities14
I) Investment in Facility and R&D16
II) API Industrial Park16
III) Registration Requirement for Imported Products17
IV) Independent Drug Testing Laboratory (DTL)17
V) Incentives for Export18
9. Human...

References: Abbott T. A. (1995), “Price regulation in the pharmaceutical industry: Prescription or placebo?” Journal of Health Economics, Volume 14, Issue 5, December 1995, pp. 551-565.
Anthony W.P., Perrewe P.L., Kacmar K.M. (2003), “Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach” Third Edition, The Dryden Press, Harcourt Brace College Publishers, pp. 322-338
Shamsul Huda
Export of pharmaceutical products up by 20 per cent Publish : 19 Jul, 2014
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