Pharmaceutical Society Of Great Britain

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Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain v Boots Cash Chemists (Southern) Ltd [1953] 2 WLR427 is a well-known English contract law judgment on the nature of an offer. The Court held that the exhibition of a product in a store with a price attached is not adequate to be considered an offer, although relatively is an invitation to treat. Boots Cash Chemists had presently employed a new technique for its customers to purchase certain medicines. They would let shoppers single out drugs off the shelves in the chemist, and afterward recompense for them at the till, rather than involve all medicines to be behind a counter and for an associate to have to get what was asked for. The Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain objected, and disputed that under the Pharmacy and Poisons Act 1933, this was an illegal performance. Under s 18(1), a pharmacist required to administer at the point where "the sale is effected", when the product was one scheduled on the 1933 Act's program of poisons. The Society disputed that exhibitions of goods were an "offer" and when a purchaser preferred and placed the drugs into their shopping basket this was an "acceptance". Therefore since no pharmacist had overseen the operation at this summit, Boots was in violation of the Act. Boots disagreed that the auction was still merely exaggerated at the till. The date in the case reference is enclosed within square brackets, that is, [1953] 2 because as a primary source in law reports and citation of cases, when a case can be located using the date alone, that date is enclosed in square brackets. The year in square brackets refers to the year of the decision, the square brackets indicate that this year also serves as a volume number, and thus is required to locate the report. The 2 indicates the case is found in volume 2 of the 1953 reports. Thus, in this particular case, the case could be located by using the date alone. Otherwise, if the case can be located using other methods like using the volume...
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