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ACTIVITY 1 Orientation, Organizational Set-Up and Policies MEMBERS OF STAFF or PHARMACY PERSONNEL of MERCURY DRUGSTORE The qualifications in applying to Mercury Drug must be at least a college graduate depending on what position he/she is applying for, but except for Pharmacist which must be a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and must be a board passer and has a license, must be 21yrs old and above, can be married or single, has experience in working under pressure, and has a pleasing personality.  District Manager: Sherwin Trinidad -The district manager ensures the monitoring of every branch that he/she handles in his district. Branch Manager: Gelin P. Cayago -The branch manager handles the whole branch and monitors properly every situation that happens in his/her branch. Assistant Branch Manager (ABM): Shirley Cabinto Robert Auditor Joan Marie Celeste Michelle Pengla Gladys Mae Galera -The assistant branch managers are the one who looks after the branch, when the branch manager is not around, they are the ones who sends and files the reporting. They also handle the auditing of money in the branch. Pharmacist: Marjorie C. Palaganas Winnielyn C. Cardenas Madonna Q. Magno Marian M. Dayasen Gina P. Kibad -The Pharmacist is the one who checks the prescriptions and ensure that the drugs that are dispense are correct. They also monitor their stocks through an inventory. Stock Analyst: Shirley Garcia -The stock analyst is the one who also do the reporting and the one who returns the stocks that are about to expire. He/she ensure that the no drug must be dispensed from their expiration date. General Clerk: Aiza Alban -The general clerk types and finished some of the reports that are needed to be send in their head office. Cashier: Haydie Quirion Rose Basa Juliet Nicolas Myra Campos -The cashier ensures that every change and receipt must be correct. Pharmacist Assistant: Geoffrey Gonzales Shierra Mae Mandapat Roderick Jose Catherine Mauri Diana Rose Dulatre Jovelyn Cabangon Joel Paragas Joffrey Viray -The pharmacist assistant is the one who take the orders from the customers and gets the drug to be punched.



District Manager

Branch Manager

Assistant Branch Manager

Branch Pharmacist

Stock Analyst

General Clerk

Staff Reliever


Pharmacist Assistants



MERCURY DRUGSTORE’S POLICIES We were instructed that the company policies of Mercury Porta Vaga should be for private use only. We decided to enumerate the company policies that most of us interns know.  Bags are not allowed inside the drugstore  Should always know the lines of authorities  Always wear your complete uniform and nameplate  Employees must always be on time  Before starting for work, money must be log in and be check by the assistant branch manager or the manager itself.  Before starting for work, gadgets such as cellphones, tablets, etc. must be surrender.  When going to the comfort room employees or even interns must sign in their log book.  All employees have at least 1 day off a week.  Every 7am and 7pm employees must do their opening and closing prayer  Every 3pm employees must do the Oratio  Before leaving the drugstore’s premises, employees must have a body search first. Comments: 1. We think that their company policies are effectively being abide by their employees. 2. We also think that they should have a duplicate key for their restroom, since it has always been a problem inside that the key of the restroom is missing.


Following information from Mercury drugstore: a. Name of Establishment : Northern Luzon Drug Corporation (Mercury Drug) b. Address: Porta Vaga Mall, Session Road, Baguio City c. Date if Established: June 2004 d. Name of Manager/ or Proprietor: Gelin P. Cayago e. Name of Pharmacist/s: 1. Marjorie C.Palaganas  License Number :0058321 -Date Issued: August 3,...
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