Topics: Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Malaysia Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Karangan mengenai Perihal Diri, Perancangan Pengajian dan Kerja

Hello and assalamualaikum .My name is Hani bin Aziz and I am 18 years old girl .I was born at Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan but was raised in Johor Bahru. My father works as a policeman while my mother works as a Student’s Management Assistant in a kindergarten. Besides that I have a brother who has successfully managed to become a bank officer in Kuala Lumpur, and an elder sister who is still studying at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia taking degree in Industrial Mathematics .Apart from that, I also have a 15 years old younger sister and she is studying at SMK Tasek Utara, Johor Bahru . To make my life more interesting, I possess some hobbies. During my free time, I love to read novels and surf the Internet to find out the latest news around the world. When I was in school, I really interested in Chemistry and Additional Mathematics which I found as the most challenging subjects because I have to understand, memorise, and do a lot of exercises in order to get excellent result in examination. Just like everyone else, I also have goals in my own life. I would like to become a pharmacist who accridicted in the next six years and proud my parents with my success. Last but not least , I always stick to this words, ‘’The past can’t be change, but tomorrow is on your power’’. These words made me become more enthusiastic and does not give up easily .

When we talk about my planning in study and work , I have long planned to study in Pharmacy and become a Pharmacist in the future. Why I choose this field? First and foremost, I really interested to learn about biochemical mechanism of action of drugs, drug uses and therapeutic roles, side effects and potential interactions. Furthermore, I will learn more about my favourite subject in school-Chemistry. Based on the research I’ve done, students in Pharmacy will study Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1&2, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Analysis...
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