Physical Education and Official School Policy

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Physical Education and Sports Coaching

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1. Briefly explain the relationship between physical education and sport. Physical education is focused on the child’s holistic development, stressing personal and social development, physical fitness, strength, flexibility, motor development and basic sport skills. Supports the child physically, mentally and socially.

It’s happening during school set up.
Its referred to as movement in kindergarten/pre-school.
You first come across the term “physical education” in primary school. Focus on individual improvement and not on winning or being the best.

Sports is a human activity which involves specific administrative organisations and a historical background of rules. It involves competition or challenge against oneself, others with the emphasis of winning. It is characterised by certain rules and common goals.

It begins in play and develops through games and challenges.

2. Which are the most common posture problems? How would you correct these problems?

How to correct it:Exercises for the head and neck position: head pull, head turns, Heck flattener, head lift. Exercises for round shoulders: hanging, pull ups, push ups, arm rotators , Wall push, head and arm raisers

How to correct it:Exercises for the lower back: cat stretcher, trunk stretcher, back arch.

How to correct it:Exercises for functional scoliosis: hanging, side stretch.

3. Changes in body proportions affect how skills are performed. Explain why this is so. The relative size of the head in early childhood influences the balance of the body during movement. The relative shortness of legs in very young children limits running ability. Long arms and legs at the beginning of puberty enable children to run better. Rapid growth leads to clumsiness and can leads to self-consciousness. Girls gain additional weight during puberty, so their change in body posture influences the speed at which they can move. Pubescent girls run more slowly, so rather advice them to change from shorter distances to longer distances.

4. What is ‘integration’ as it relates to sport? Explain. Integration is a type of teaching method.
Modification of activities in each lesson unit to reinforce academic skills and concept concurrently taught in the classroom Combining several subject areas with the goal of enhancing learning in each subject area. Include information from other class topics into lessons, for a better understanding. Physical education has many objectives that are developed as the children engage in other subjects, such as English, Geography, Art, Music, Maths and especially social, personal and health education, For instance a dance unit in the physical education curriculum which emphasis movement as a form of expression can be integrated with a creative writing exercise where students have to write what they feel a dance represents.

5. Describe the teaching progression that is best suited for a child during early childhood.

Learners must have a large exposure of activities such as games, dance and gymnastics. They should explore and discover how their body functions. Emphasise the importance of movement concepts and skills. Educators in grade 1 or 2 need to concentrate on creative and exploratory ways of learning locomotion and non-locomotion activities. Include dance activities, rhythmic...

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