Placebos And Nocebos

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Placebos and Nocebos

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What this report is about 
This report is about placebos and nocebos and what they do to the human brain  that can cause trouble in the medical field when it comes to testing new medicines  before they go out into the real world to be used. The report will also be covering how  electrosensitivity can be described as a placebo or nocebo depending on how it can be  looked at, and how television broadcasts can affect how some people are affected by  this. This will also be covering how the colour of the pill may be influencing if it makes  you feel better or not. 

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What are Placebos and Nocebos? 
A nocebo is a effect of the brain that causes you to feel pain, or feel sick under  certain circumstances. An example is when one person feels sick in an office from  something in the air and spreads to co­workers and causes them to become sick from  nothing causing them to go to a doctor or hospital with nothing toxic in the air or  anything harmful is found in the work place.  This is called mass sociogenic illness, this  is when a large group of people fall ill with an illness caused by other people, how you  treat this is by grouping the sick people together and reassure them that people are  getting better fast and staying healthy. 

A placebo is the opposite of a nocebo and causes you to not feel pain unlike a a  nocebo, and makes you feel slightly better. An example of this is when you’re getting a  vaccine at a the doctor’s office for the flu. He’ll tell you that the needle won't hurt to try  and make the needle hurt less for you. This is your body’s natural pain killer that is  produced when you’re in pain. 


How can Television Trigger Nocebos?
Local television can trigger nocebos by saying a new technology is making people believe that they’ll become sick from the same thing. Local news that had broadcasted wind farms making people sick in the area that they were established caused some other people in that area to believe that wind farms were making them sick, when in the same area where the news broadcast

wasn’t broadcasted the residents didn’t feel sick from the wind farms. The same can go for wifi, people who suffer from electrosensitivity can’t live near or around wifi routers or some electronics bother the person affected with electrosensitivity, extreme suffers of this typically go live in the radio silence zone in west virginia. But one study that was conducted showed that if you put electrosensitive people in a room with two wifi routers and tell them that they’re off or when they’re on they won’t be able to tell the difference because of the symptoms.

This can cause problems when companies are trying to convince towns that they should put in a wind farm after seeing the broadcasts, despite it being more fake than real. Some companies to counter this create studies that show that wind farms have no real effects in causing sickness.

How Nocebos Effect Medicine

In order for a new medicine to be approved by the FDA it must undergo several studies to make sure it works. To make sure it works participants in the study are divided into two groups, one group who get’s the real medicine well the other get’s the placebo, the participants don’t know what pill they are

getting but only know what the pill is meant to do and the side affects. Naturally some will drop out of the study because of some of the side effects, but some also stay for the full study and find out what they’ve been taking. A double blind study is when both the participants or the researches know what has been given to each person, this is the true test in the medicine to see if it beats the placebo then can be approved by the FDA for use in the real world. Again it’s...
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