Topics: Childbirth, Ingestion, The Practice Pages: 1 (462 words) Published: January 25, 2015
A Lesson in Placenta 101: Did You Know? The History and Future of the Placenta By Christina Knutson
PLACENTA 101: It acts as a barrier between two bodies, that of the mother and her unborn child. It transfers oxygen and nutrients to the unborn child through the blood and decides when and which nutrients to give the baby. Additionally, the placenta is the only organ belonging to both the mother and baby simultaneously. PLACENTA UNEDUCATED!: I nearly had a cow, okay I didn’t, but I literally almost threw up when I found out that placenta encapsulation was on the rise. The tradition practiced in many countries is something I couldn’t even fathom practicing. The ingestion of my own bodily organs after my baby is born repulses me. Here’s how I found out about this crazy practice and how I changed my mind on the ideology of it….. Most recently I was studying something irrelevant on the internet when the term PLACENTOPHAGY caught my eye. I didn’t recognize the entire word, but quickly started my research on it. I quickly discovered that post-partum mothers ingest their own placenta. This slow growing phenomenon, amongst the new mothers who can stomach, is practiced by 99% of mammals, including humans. The practice of ingesting the placenta, which has been going on in Asian medicine for hundreds of years, seemed inappropriate, unnatural, and disgusting to me as I discovered more about it. I don’t think I stand alone when I say that my lack of knowledge on this topic may come as no surprise, since there could be millions of others who are also not educated on this topic. In our society, unless the media presents topics to us, we almost have to be naturally curious or stumble upon things to find out the news of the world or things less commonly known to us regarding health and medical topics. The more I grew in my knowledge of this practice, the more I discovered the ingestion of the mothers placenta could actually be very beneficial. Mothers across the world have...
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