Policing Rough Neighborhoods

Topics: United States, Taliban, Al-Qaeda Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: August 26, 2014

The United States should be to police a rough neighborhood because there trying to stop another incident like 9/11 from happening. The U.S. has to start policing a rough neighborhood because it will help The role the United States should take in the middle east and in the United States is that we need to police rough neighborhoods because the taliban and Al Qaeda are very effective in the middle east. stop terrorist attack before they happen. A quote from an article named “options in brief” first sentence, “The attack of september 11th and the aggressive dictatorship of the middle east prove that the world is a dangerous place.” This quote shows the worlds a dangerous place and this is why we need to police rough neighborhoods. Another example is “The U.S. cannot allow Afghanistan to become another taliban run sanctuary for Al Qaeda which could cause another 9/11.” This quote is saying the U.S. doesn't want Afghanistan to become a place run by the Taliban because it could lead to another 9/11. because its talking about how we need to make sure that we don't have September 11th to happen again. The United States needs to start protecting the U.S. more because of terrorist. The United States role in the Middle East should be to police rough neighborhoods, we need to protect other countries because people shouldn't die for no reason. Like it says in the quote said by president john in the article “why we fight” "We seek neither territory nor bases. We fight for the principle of self determination." I think this quote is saying that we don't want your land we want to help. "The United States is the greatest force for good in the world and we have an obligation not to start and fight wars but to spread democracy and freedom through the world." This quote is saying that America is a good country and there trying to help not fight. These because it's showing that we're not trying to invade were trying to help innocent people. U.S. needs to help stop...
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