Politics in Criminal System

Topics: Law, Supreme Court of the United States, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: February 11, 2013
The criminal justice system is an institution that seeks to serve the ends of justice. Theoretically, it could only become effective if it is insulated from pressures and intervention coming from its external environment in the performance of its functions. Notice that the symbol of our criminal justice is a blind-folded goddess that is holding scales on her left hand. This should be interpreted to mean that justice applies to all and will be served to all people regardless of the color of his skin, his social and economic status, his political affiliation, his age and gender. In practice however, the criminal justice system as a whole is not insulated from politics. The appointment process alone is political as it originates from the President. The appointment of the federal judges, such as the Supreme Court justices, court of appeals justices, and district court judges are nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate. The implication of this in the criminal justice system is that only those who have the confidence of the President can be appointed to these positions. Even the laws which judges use as basis for the conviction and sentencing of the accused are primarily political as they are enacted by legislators who are politicians. The changes in the composition of Congress have a strong impact in the administration of justice. The effects of the political changes are mainly felt in the juvenile justice system. There were periods of time when the philosophy behind the creation of the juvenile justice system was observed and lenient treatment was according the juvenile offenders. However, because of the changes in minds of the legislators, they seek to adopt a more punitive philosophy against juvenile offenders. Through prosecutorial discretion where prosecutors are given the complete authority to determine whether to file a case against a juvenile offender in juvenile courts or directly in criminal...
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