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Executive Summary
Vietnam is one of the largest motorbike markets in the world. According to GSO Vietnam, the proportion of manufacturing of motor industry increased 19.6% in 2011 compared with in 2010, and at that time, the consuming index also reached 17.3%. Furthermore, in 2011, the quantity of motorbikes in Vietnam reached the number more than 30 million units and increased at the rate of 3 million new motorbikes per year (Air pollution alert, 2011). This rapid development could have influences on Honda Vietnam to provide customer with best-quality products and create green products since 1996. These days, Honda motor is one of the most favorable brands in Vietnam with many segmented models. However, after finding out the potential of this market and decidding to invest, other competitors also realized this fact and began to make the appearance such as Suzuki in 1996, Yamaha in 1998, and especially Piaggio in 2009. This has made the competition in Vietnamese motorbike market more violent than ever before. In order to attract more and more as well as remain customers, companies have to add more values to their products in addition to better core values. For Honda, they have applied successfully this strategy in their new products-PCX which has become a new wave in the market for motorbikes. Why can they do that? This report will analyze the situation of this product including current market, the marketing environment, the customers, competitors, brand as well as the SWOT analysis to see the success of it.

Table of Contents
1Company Analysis1
1.1Mission statement1
1.2Company objectives2
2Environmental analysis3
2.1.Economic forces3
2.2.Demographic forces4
2.3.Natural forces4
2.4.Technological forces5
2.5.Social/Cultural forces5
2.6.Legal/Political forces6
3Competitor analysis6
3.1Competitors identification6
3.2Direct competitor analysis – Yamaha Nouvo and Piaggio Liberty i.e:7
3.2.1Yamaha Nouvo LX Limited7
3.2.2Vietnamese Piaggio Liberty i.e8
4Customer Analysis10
5Brand Analysis13
5.1Product Life Cycle13
5.1.1Introduction Stage13
5.1.2Growth stage14
5.1.3The Decline Stage15
6SWOT Analysis16

Honda Vietnam is a joint-venture company between Honda Motor Co., from Japan, Asian Honda Motor Co., from Thailand and Veam Corporation. For more than ten years, Honda has become a brand name which is well-known with almost every Vietnamese motorcycle user for quality and reliability. Nearly all products of Honda Vietnam, from the first one – Honda Cub to the latest one – Air blade FI, from the common ones like Wave α to the luxurious ones like SH 150cc are welcomed and appreciated in Vietnam, a country where motorbike is the most popular means of transport. Because of its great contribution to the economy and society, Honda Vietnam has had the honor to receive the “Third Labor Medal” from Vietnamese President in 2005 and “Certificate of satisfactory progress” from the Prime Minister in 2006. With these motivations, Honda Vietnam continues to introduce new products which not only better meet customers’ demands but are also very environment-friendly and one of the most typical one is PCX. Since its first appearance in Vietnam, this scooter has become a phenomenon among motorcycle users. What factors can explain Honda Vietnam’s success with PCX? These papers will help answer that question by investigating all the factors of macro environment, competitors, customer, brand and SWOT and both the strong and weak points in the case of Honda PCX. II. SITUATION ANALYSIS

1. Company Analysis
2.1 Mission statement
The logo of Honda “I love...

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