postnatal depression

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Angelene Bradley

Postnatal depression (PND) is a depressive illness that occurs after a woman has given birth. It is common for women after given birth to experience low moods, this can range in severity from the mild and normal period of mood disturbance also known as “baby blues” ,this usually happens for the first week after the baby is born, through to postnatal depression and most severe and the rarest problem postnatal psychosis.

Postnatal depression is really common between 10%-15% of women suffer from it but it could be many more as many women suffer in silence through fear and not understanding that something can be done to help or not realising they are suffering from postnatal depression. There are certain women that could be more at risk of getting postnatal depression. If a woman has suffered from depression in her past she would be at a higher risk, same with if there is a history of depression in her family. Postnatal depression is also common in women who have stressful lives during their pregnancy, have no support at home, and in those whom the baby was unwanted or unplanned, or when the baby is born with a problem.

Postnatal depression has many signs and symptoms and individually they wouldn't be cause for concern but if a mother is showing many of the signs and symptoms then it is vital that she gets the help and the support that she needs. This can range from getting her to talk to someone she feels comfortable with about the way she is feeling, her health visitor, her GP. Getting her out of the house and maybe taking her to her local Sure Start Centre where she can meet new people and talk to other mums who are suffering or have been through postnatal depression so she knows she is not on her own. Taking her along to a postnatal support group like Mumsvoice which was set up in Liverpool by a group of mums in Wavertree that have suffered from postnatal depression and wanted to help other mums, they meet up once a month for a cuppa...
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