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III. Research Methodology
This chapter presents the Research Design, Research Environment, Research Respondents, Research Instrument, Research Procedure, Research Sampling. Research Design
             The researcher uses the non experimental type of studies. The conducted studies will be gathered using a standardized questionnaire to determine the correlation study of planned or unplanned pregnancy to postpartum depression. The study will determine which factors can be considered as the most prevalent for postpartum depression. The descriptive quantitative method of research design establishes association between variables. This research design is being utilized to determine the relationship between the independent variable (planned and unplanned) and the dependent variable (postpartum depression).

Research Environment

          The study is conducted at CCMC hospital specifically OB ward and OB ward extension only, located at N. Bacalso St. Cebu City, 2nd floor at CCMC. The area contain 27 beds capacities. Its mission is to guarantee a sustainable and quality health for all, so that the value of compassion, care and teamwork will prevail. Research Respondent

The researcher’s respondents consisted of 50 mothers at 2-3 days postpartum. Respondents who met the researcher’s desired qualifications were picked to be a part of the study. Mothers within 2-3 days postpartum are typically chosen since the researcher’s of the study is concerned with detecting mother’s who are at high risk for postpartum depression. To target population, the researchers had included mothers who returned for their follow up check in the hospitals OPD while still observing their 2-3 days postpartum. Sampling Design

The researcher will be utilizing as subjects the teenage mothers in CCMC who have had given birth 2-3 days after. Thirty teenage mothers from the CCMC OB-ward are purposively handpicked. The researchers use the non-probability sampling which is the...
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