Prc Midwifery Examination

Topics: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Question Pages: 3 (431 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Below, you will find a sample question
from each Lamaze Competency Statement.
These sample questions are intended to
provide candidates with an idea of the
types of questions that may appear on the
certification exam.
A woman in your early pregnancy class asks when she
will feel her baby move. You base your response on the
knowledge that fetal movements are usually FIRST felt
by the mother between:
A. 6-10 weeks
B. 11-15 weeks
C. 16-20 weeks
D. 21-24 weeks
A laboring woman has been pushing for 45 minutes in a
semi-recumbent position, but has made no progress.
Which of the following is MOST likely to promote the
progress of labor?
A. Changing her position
B. Augmenting with pitocin
C. Applying fundal pressure
D. Prolonging breath holding with contractions
A birth report describes a labor that was progressing
steadily to 4 cm, but later required pitocin augmentation
and a forceps delivery. Which of the following common
practices is MOST likely to have contributed to the need
for pitocin and a forceps delivery?
A. Bedrest
B. Use of epidural anesthesia
C. Withholding of foods and fluids
D. Continuous electronic fetal monitoring
The BEST way to facilitate mother/baby interaction in
the immediate postpartum period is to ensure that the:
A. Father is actively involved
B. Mother has an unmedicated birth
C. Mother and baby are not separated
D. Prophylactic eye treatment is delayed
By discussing the choices of analgesia and anesthesia
for labor, you are enhancing the potential for your students’ satisfaction with the childbirth experience by
A. Limited use of drugs
B. Reliance on available technology
C. Participation in decision-making
As a childbirth educator, you have been given the opportunity to distribute infant formula gift packets to your
students. Which of the following is the MOST...
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