Preferred Courses of Fourth Year Studen

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Preferred Courses of Fourth-Year Student’s

Fourth year level is the stage wherein the student’s will decide in choosing their courses in college. Despite the choice of courses they want, they are responsible to choose their courses in their ability as a student. Ji eun-lee (Nov. 28, 2008) Harvard editors

Some people believe that student’s should have a chance to learn a wide range of subjects by providing the basic curriculum. However, this claim overlooks the potential advantages of student’s own selected course such as increasing student’s motivation and their skill development. If student’s are given more control over tailoring their curriculum by their own, so many positive effects will be aroused. Above all, student’s motivation is increased since they study only the subjects they are interested in. Also, student’s spend more time on sharpening their skills by not taking unnecessary courses that do not count. Thus, student’s should be encouraged to select the courses based on their taste. Statement of the Problem

The study aims to determine the preferred courses of the fourth-year student. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions. 1. What is the profile of the fourth-year high school student’s in terms of: 1.1 Sex

1.2 Parent’s educational attainment
1.3 Parent’s occupation
1.4 Socio-economic status
1.5 Interest of a student
2. What are the preferences of the fourth-year student’s in choosing their courses. 3. Who chooses courses for student’s?
4. What do researchers suggest to solve the problem?
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