Pregnancy and Infertility Treatment After 35

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Delayed Pregnancy and Infertility Treatment

Although Marsha and Liam’s marriage is able to weather the conflict arising from Marsha’s diagnosis of HPV. Marsha is treated as successfully as possible, and the virus seems to be in remission. The couple decides to postpone starting a family until they both have more time to develop their respective careers. Although they discuss starting a family periodically, it isn’t until Marsha turns 35 that they both agree it is time.

They visit a fertility counselor. Based on your learning from this week’s readings and lectures, answer the following in two to four pages:

The five advantages and disadvantages of not starting a family till Marsha turns 35 and the intellectual, financial, physiological, emotional, and social factors that may contribute to these advantages and disadvantages are.

Professor Elizabeth Gregory says older mothers are financially secure and happy to put their careers on hold while they bring up baby and are more likely than younger first-time mothers to be in stable relationships. They also live longer.

They are more stable in their relationship.
They have greater self confidence
They have stable careers.
They are also more knowledgeable and open to suggestions which will benefit in the proper metrication and exercise while pregnant.

The disadvantages of having a baby later in life are:
Their fertility decreased with age. The rate of fetal defects resulting from chromosomal abnormalities (such as down Syndrome) rises with maternal age. Slightly higher rates of maternal death, premature delivery, cesarean sections, and low birth-weight babies occur (London, 2004) (Crooks and Baur, 2008).

Compare and contrast what Marsha may experience as a pregnant woman and Liam may experience as an expectant father.

Some of the issues women worry about, especially with first-time...

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