Pregnant and Smoking Cigarettes

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Pregnant and Smoking Cigarettes

Although some pregnant women smoke cigarettes, this can be harmful to the unborn. Smoking was never lady-like when I was growing up, but you had your few women who didn’t care about what other people thought. I was taught not to smoke while pregnant because that can cause many health problems in the baby. On the other hand, some women feel that smoking is harmful; however, smoking can not kill you or give you long term health problems.

Creating life and destroying life at the same time is what smoking mother’s are doing to their unborn. This should be against the law with certain consequences to face. Instead, pregnant women have the right to buy cigarettes in the store giving them the choice to harm and kill. Some women in my family say “smoking is not healthy for you or the baby”. Smoking can harm your respiratory system, and put the baby in great danger to surviving delivery. However, other women in my family say “I smoke cigarettes with all my children and their doing just fine”. I guess children that survive the pregnancy

prove to some mothers that smoking is harmless. Many doctors researched that cigarettes can cause serious complications. For example, nicotine and carbon monoxide reduces your baby supply of oxygen and the baby is either delivered still born, or premature with very low birth weight. In contrast, smoking mothers believe if the baby survive and can breathe on its own; the baby is healthy. Although many infants do survive, many infants are born with many birth defects.

In conclusion, smoking cigarettes may not seem harmful to all pregnant mothers. They even may not show serious sickness after birth sometime, but the invisible harm it has on an unborn is life threatening. Women should never smoke anything during their pregnancy because they want a healthy baby to sustain life.
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