Prenatal Care

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Prenatal Care
What are the appropriate activities for pregnant women? If a woman can do these or any activities, what are the boundaries they have to follow? Today we’ll discuss if women can exercise, what their diet should be, and what lifestyle changes they should obtain.

Many people have had their own opinions on why women should or shouldn’t exercise during their pregnancy. James F. Clapp, MD is the world’s foremost researcher in the area of exercise, dieting and lifestyle changes women must put to action. Clapp conducted several experiments, not on women but on sheep. He’d test sheep that were near term pregnant on treadmills. The results were shocking! “Through strenuous exercise, it rapidly increased the mothers maternal body temperatures to higher levels, and decreased the rate of blood flow to the placenta and fetus by more than 50%!”

Although these results are quite intimidating, and based on these results women might want to pass judgment, the baby accommodated and adapted to the change. More experiments were done with similar results. So Clapp concluded…

“Acute exercise during pregnancy had dramatic effects that reduced blood flow to fetus. But the fetus did not have any evidence of detrimental effects.”
Also mentioned in the Science Daily article is that “women who reported insufficient money for food and housing, and lack of exercise, were most associated with poor health, before, after and during pregnancy.” The article states that “depression is more common among disadvantaged and minority women.”

Another controversy is the diet women should have. A lot of women are known to have these eating rampages where they’re craving any food that is within their grasp. During these episodes, women should watch their hydration and salt intake, avoid junk food, and avoid high sugar intake. Junk food will raise your blood pressure for only a limited time, within a couple minutes, the blood pressure will fall again and result in food cravings....
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