Presidential Analysis

Topics: Osama bin Laden, United States, Middle East Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: February 5, 2013
In the 2012 “3rd presidential debate on foreign policy” Mitt Romney asserts his statements about what he feels the United States needs to establish in order to correct the nation. Romney supports his assertions by using logos to express his knowledge of statistical data, using ethos to establish himself as a trustworthy contestant, and uses pathos to pull at the voter emotions. His purpose is the give people the impression that he is a trustworthy candidate and that if given the chance in office he will fix all governmental mistakes. Romney establishes an approachable relationship not only with his audience of voters but with future politicians. One way Romney draws in his audience is through his use of logos to establish his knowledge of statistical data. Romney uses information on Syria, the Middle East and how their government is letting over 30,000 people die in a humanitarian disaster and that Iran there neighboring ally is more in depth on conquering Israel our American ally. Romney gives the statement that “removing Assad from power is the key” in a form that is non-menacing and stating that military power is not needed but only political confrontation. Romney gives this example to show that power is never always needed but sometimes talking can also solve problems. Romney also goes into detail on how American Citizens are still looking for jobs. He says that during Obama’s term middle income families were down $4,300 dollars and counting. He talks about a girl named Ann that he met during his travels and how she just got out of college but still can’t find work and that once in office he will “make America once again the most attractive place in the world to start businesses, to build jobs, and to grow the economy”. He intends to show by these words that he means business and doesn’t play when it come to the people. Another way Romney address the audience is the use of ethos stating that he is a trustworthy candidate. For instance during the debate...
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