Psychology Research Proposal Does Mothers Who Delivered Naturally Bond Faster Than the Ones Who Receive an Epidural During Labor?

Topics: Childbirth, Scientific method, Obstetrics Pages: 4 (670 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Psychology Research Proposal

1. Research question.

Does mothers who delivered naturally bond faster than the ones who receive an epidural during labor?

2. Hypothesis.

Mothers who had deliver naturally bond faster with their babies than the mothers who receive an epidural during labor. It’s harder to bond because one of the epidural’s effects is that it slows or even stops the birth hormones.

3. Prediction.

Natural birth makes mother-baby bonding faster.

4. Specific data.

Does the mother have an epidural? or natural birth?
Twenty minutes of mother-baby bonding.
Classify from excellent bonding to none bonding.

5. How to get data. Research method used. What will your procedures to be?

There would be 300 participants pick from Inova Alexandria Hospital. It would be given an informed consent to the participants.

Random sample
Cross-sectional study
Naturalistic Observation
Correlation method

Get research prove by the IRB
Randomly pick 300 women between ages 18 to 40.
Divide them in groups by their ages; 18-25, 26-32, 33-40.
Inform them the purpose of the project and give them a survey. Observe and record how are them during labor and delivery by group. Observe bounding of the mother and the baby during the first 20 minutes by group. Give a second survey on what the think about their bounding. After all the data is collected, it will be analyzed.

6. Descriptive or quantified?

The data will be quantified and describe in some way.

7. What will you do with the data once you have it? Will you do a correlation analysis?

Measure the relation between the epidural and natural birth mothers. Compare the recorded observation between the different ages. Analyze the recorded behaviors.
Analyze the surveys.

Yes, the relationships and differences types of data will be used on correlation analysis.

8. Population. What group will be the focus of your research?

Mothers-to-be from Inova Alexandria...
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