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PTTLS Assignment 1.1 Roles , Responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher

By sentinelnic Oct 25, 2013 1102 Words
PTTLS Assignment 1.1 Roles , Responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher

Explain own role, responsibilities and boundaries of own roles as a teacher

The main role of a tutor is to equip students with the information they require in a way all the students identify with to enable them to understand and complete the qualification/course. To do this the tutor has to identify needs, plan & design the course accordingly, deliver correctly, asses students to ensure comprehension and evaluate teaching methods and effectiveness of the material delivered. The tutor is responsible for promoting inclusion, equality and diversity and ensuring the course is delivered in a way to encompass all this whilst meeting all learners’ needs.

Identifying needs

Role responsibilities:
To identify the needs of individual learners, through such methods as ILP’s, interviewing or application form which gathers relevant information in order to ascertain whether the student has any special needs, their learning style and motivations. If there are no ILP’s in place then I would need to initially asses the students and then continually adapt my delivery, training materials and teaching style to ensure the groups learning needs are met. Sessions which include most, if not all 5 of the learning/teaching styles are vital to ensure students fully comprehend the information given and have equal learning rights. There are many factors which need to be taken into account as teaching groups can be very diverse. Also I would set out fundamental classroom ground rules which all students must adhere to; some of which are detailed below: Arrive on time Mobile phones are to be switched off

Everyone is to participate to their full ability
Listen to others
Respect others opinions, beliefs, sexuality, gender and contributions

Ground rules need to be established to ensure respect for others and appropriate behaviour and contribution. ’Get the ground rules clear as soon as physically possible’ (Atherton 2005). Ground rules offer the opportunity to establish a safe learning environment and build trust between students and tutor.

I may ask students if they have any needs or barriers which they will require help / adaptations with; however the student doesn’t have to disclose this information. A level of trust is required before they will. Any personal about students is to be kept confidential and must be dealt with and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Roles & responsibilities:
To ensure the course is designed in such a way that it meets all the needs of the students and course curriculum. There are numerous factors to consider such as; student needs, time restrains, class sizes, resource availabilities, essential information to be included, assessment methods, teaching methods and environment to teach in etc… ILP’s or questionnaires that have identified learners are imperative tools in designing a course as they identify the teaching methods which will be required to ensure all students are learning appropriately. (Such as the ILP’s we completed for each other in a session)

Each awarding body and company will have different requirements that will need to be adhered to which could include cost, room/ time restraint or teaching methods. There are also other things to be taken in to consideration, such as Health & Safety requirements, equality & diversity policies and inclusive learning policies etc - these are all covered by various pieces of legislation and govern the way we keep, use and deliver information.


Roles & responsibilities:
To deliver all information for the course in a manner which is appropriate for all learners, with clear aims and objectives using various teaching styles and assessing when material / delivery requires adapting to suit the groups needs to ensure total inclusion. ‘The disruption of participation in group discussion’ (Bales et al 1951) members do and will not contribute equally; some will always have more to say than others, and despite our efforts as teachers (we are of course usually the most vocal members), we are never going to achieve equal participation This can be eased by nominating different learners to ensure inclusion, comprehension and promoting inclusion. I would also have a responsibility for the group’s health and safety whilst training so must ensure the teaching environment meets the required standard, the delivery method of teaching is correct for the teaching group and adapted if my risk assessment portrays a reason too. House keeping & fire safety should be covered at the beginning of the session and as required if necessary throughout the course.

Dress & act professionally and appropriately and ensure all language and training materials used are not discriminating with regard to race, sex, belief etc in accordance with the human rights act and equality & diversity policies… Deliver as per the risk assessment boundaries and adapt session if any risk is too great; as health and safety is paramount.


Roles & responsibilities:
To ensure that student’s progression/achievement is checked at various times through the course through means of pre and post questions and answer sessions, course embedded assessment ( as some students achieve more as active learners as it is less stressful than a formal assessment) and then at the end of the course by official assessment. The assessment method must be consistent to all students and relevant to coursework. Constructive feedback may be required and this must be delivered in a positive way and highlight areas in which they have excelled and then move on to areas they could improve on, to keep their motivation and self esteem.

Tutors must not set unfair assessment to ensure students fail adjustments to the assessments may have to be made if there are any special needs which required to be taken into consideration. (If a student cannot read, questions can be read out to the and answers they give noted down) Awarding body guidelines are to be strictly followed.


Role & responsibilities:
To check comprehension, and evaluate own course material, environment, delivery method and note any changes which may be required. Collect students’ feedback to see if there are any changes which could improve learner satisfaction, interaction and engagement when it is next delivered and if so change it if possible. Evaluation questionnaires are a good way to check delivery method, that students have benefited from the course and highlight any areas which require change. I will use an evaluation questionnaire to evaluate my own micro teach at our next session.

Feedback can be noted but changes to the course content can only be changed if in line with the awarding body. Delivery method can be changed as necessary. Word count: 1077

J Atherton (2005) Bales et al (1951)

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