Racial Profilign Research Paper

Topics: Osama bin Laden, William McKinley, Gerald Ford Pages: 4 (686 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Kiana HudsonHudson 1

Mrs. J. Foltz

English I Honors

May 2, 2012

The 14th Amendment states that no state may “deny any person within its jurisdiction the

equal protection of the laws.” Racial profiling is based on unequal protection by definition. Racial

profiling is the assumption of criminality among ethnic groups. It clearly violates the phrase “innocent

until proven guilty.” Racial profiling is an ineffective an degrading practice that violates human rights.

“Racial Profiling is a violation of our constitutional and human rights...( Tanovich 2).” “When a

law enforcement agency practices racial profiling, it sends the message that whites are assumed to be

law-abiding citizens while blacks and Latinos are assumed to be criminals (Head 1).” Over 100 years

ago, Leon Czolgosz shot president William McKinley with a concealed weapon (Jealous, Huang 1).

The secret service agent was watching for a “dark complexioned man” in line behind Czolgosz

(Jealous, Huang 1). The man suspected by the agent saved president McKinley from a third

bullet(Jealous, Huang 1). The profile was wrong and it cost the president his life.

History shows that using “color-blind profiling techniques” is more productive( Jealous, Huang

1). Law enforcement catch more law breakers by using this technique. “After Sara Jane Moore took a

shot at president Gerald Ford, the gender limitation was removed [from] the [presidential assassin]

profile..(Jealous, Huang 2).” The profile change saved the life of president George H.W. Bush when

his life was threatened at a rally where he was scheduled to speak (Jealous, Huang 2). Racial profiling

would have cost the lives of two presidents which is not a risk the country should be willing to take.

Several cases known throughout history might have ended differently if color-blind techniques

had been used. “[From] the Virginia sniper(whom the profilers were convinced was white), to...
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