Radical Islam

Topics: Al-Qaeda, September 11 attacks, Jihad Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Radical Islam
Subculture is an ethnic, regional, economic, or social group exhibiting characteristic patterns of behavior sufficient to distinguish it from others within an embracing culture or society (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Radical Islam is an extreme form of Islam that is a cultural-social ideology which dominates all aspects of the believer's lives; a form of Islam dedicated to the conquest of the world by any means possible (the clarion project). I have chosen to examine this subculture because it relates to modern issues such as the Al-Qaeda terror group which was responsible for the notorious 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. Another reason why I chose this subculture is because it fascinates me how strongly people can believe in their religion to commit such extreme acts which are violent; hence the term radicals. It has also intrigued me that however chaotic it may appear, these organizations are not for the individual’s purpose or even for the "greater good". These radical believers of Islam are ready to die for Allah, however they are requested.

Members of this subculture include Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. You can distinguish a member of this subculture by their religious beliefs. Also, one may recognize a radical by their language; Arabic. Islamic Radicals dress in clothes which cover most of the body, and, not necessarily, turbans (keeping in mind that members of this subculture are almost always male). Islamic religion demands full submission to the will and law of Allah, the Muslim god. A believer is required to respect those above him in rank and to be united with their fellow soldiers of jihad (holy war). Islamic Radicals, especially member of Al-Qaeda and other such organizations, have a complex and developed use of terror, violence and assassinations to accomplish their ultimate goal of uniting the world in Islam. Most of these Radicals reside in the Middle Eastern countries of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and...
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