Religion and Terrorist

Topics: Al-Qaeda, Jihad, Taliban Pages: 4 (1581 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Shingo Yamane
Religion and Terrorists
I didn't know the word “terrorist” until September 11th in 2001. That day is the day when people all over the world couldn't believe their eyes. Who had ever seen the moment when two airplanes crashed into the towers? It was the very shocking moment. I just came home from school and turned on TV, and then all the channels were filled up with the emergency news of that unexpected incident. Even though I was only nine years old on that time, I was old enough to understand how unusual it was and how terrible it was. I’m not sure whether the world has been going to a right direction or a wrong direction since then, but I’m sure the world has changed greatly since then. I haven’t had any week that I didn't hear the word “terrorist” since 9/11; without fail, something about terror is happing right now somewhere in the world, so I think that everybody cannot ignore this issue, and that everybody is related to this issue in some way.

Yet the incident was big enough to be spread all over the world at once, not many people see it by an outsider’s view. People, especially American, tend to condemn it only as the tragedy brought by the terrorists, like saying, “we are the victims of the tragedy, they are the terrorists who killed our family.” Yes, I think it is hard for them to think about it as an outsider because they were actually involved in that tragedy. In fact, about 3000 people died in the attack. But about me, of course, I feel bad to people who died in the attack, and I don't think things terrorists did was right. As though they killed many Americans, we got to consider it deeply out of emotion to understand sufficiently. That’s why I took this topic. I will be able to research 9/11 and consider it honestly based on the fact, because I will not close my eyes at something American don't want to see. As an outsider from Japan, I look it back and analyze it.

To analyze how religion was related to 9/11, I want to start...

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