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Topics: Variable cost, Marketing, Motorcycle Pages: 11 (3236 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Marketing Plan
Hassan Arain
BUSN 319 DeVry University
Dr. Colleen Rob
Date 04/17/13

Table of Contents
1.0Executive Summary
1.0Product Description
1.1.Product issues
1.2.Production issues
1.3.Technical Issues
1.4.Price issues
1.1.1.Consumer Adjustment
2.0Company Description
2.1.Strategic Focus Plan
1.1.2.Non-financial goals
1.1.3.Financial goals
2.4.Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
3.0Situation Analysis
3.1.SWOT analysis
4.0External Market Trends
4.4.Political or Regulatory
5.0Consumer Analysis
5.1.Primary Target Market - Consumer Characteristics
5.2.Key Influences
6.0Product - Market Size Estimate
6.1.NAICS code and brief industry description
6.2.Industry Analysis
7.0Works Cited

1 Executive Summary
This marketing campaign is for a product of Yamaha YZF-R1, This product targets to a distinct and very narrow market of a motorcycle enthusiast. Yamaha is a very experienced company when it comes to building a great motorcycle. They are also great in grand prix racing. Non-financial goals for Yamaha are to expand their projects to make their products more environmentally friendly, prevention of global warming. Target audience for Yamaha YZF-R1 is generation Y, someone who is in their late 20’s, a college graduate with a new career starting and will purchase this product as a weekend hobby. It is also targeted towards someone who is adventurous and seeks thrill in regular day life.

This is how this promotion will work, there will a video produced showing different people doing some amazing stunts. For example there will be people doing stunts on motorcycle, skydiving, motocross or even Motogp. Not advertising the product or even talk about the product in the video. That video will emphasize on and motivate people that you can do whatever you would like to. It will be hosted on YouTube and other video hosts. Related to that video there will be a social media campaign where if anyone does anything adventurous they will tag themselves with #Kando (Kando being Yamaha’s mission statement). That video will be promoted on trend setter shows like Jimmy Kimmel. There will be a website made under where all the events hosted will be announced and people will be able to blog about their adventures. Events will include where anyone can go and be educated on thrill seeking, it could be anything from popping a wheelie on a motorcycle to doing back flips. Also there will be safety education classes offered by MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation). 1 Product Description

The Product of chosen for this analysis is a motorcycle built by Yamaha, the product is a Yamaha YZF-R1000. It is a sports bike. It was launched in 1998; Yamaha had launched this motorcycle after designing their very famous Genesis engine. 1 Product issues

Yamaha YZF-R1 has multiple product issues, these issues vary from being socially accepted to economic issues. The biggest threat to that is the frowned upon perception of the community towards the bikers and motorcycles. 2 Technical Issues

Yamaha YZF-R1 is equipped with the most technological machinery available. It is top of the line hydraulics brake that can stop on a dime. It is fuel injection so no matter how the weather is it’ll start with just a press of a button, and will provides more miles to gallon. 3 Price issues

Yamaha YZF-R1’s sales have definitely decreased from 2010 to 2012 especially having no changes in the prices. According to an article published in MCN (Motorcycle News) in year 2010 Yamaha only sold 718 motorcycles; while in 2012 they only sold 698 motorcycles. The sales dropped 2.78% even with the current bundle package offers which include $500 incentive, and 3.99% A.P.R....
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