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Topics: Motorcycle, Tram accident, Injury Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Motorcycle Accidents

The Motorcycle accident gives severe consequences to the motorcyclist, it does not only kill the person but sometimes it makes them handicapped and took their important parts of body. There are always severe results of the accidents of motorcycle with the vehicle. Besides the injuries, there are also the following severe consequences of the motorcycle riding: The motorcycle riders’ death rates increased among all riders and vehicle drivers.The Motorcycle rider deaths were nearly 60 times more than drivers of other vehicles because of the less security chances. Motorcycle riders aged in between 16 to 28 are 70 times more likely to be killed than other vehicle operators of the same age. Motorcycle older riders have fewer chances to get the accident because in that age period, they ride slowly and carefully so in this way the chance of accidents are less than the younger ones. Throughout the world 75% of accidents were found to involve a motorcycle while 25% of accidents are found to involve vehicle. We have observed that almost half of the fatal accidents show alcohol involvement and high speed of motorcycle and both of them would cause the accident. In the form of vehicle accidents, the driver of the vehicle violated the motorcycle on the way and caused the accident. The motorcycle accident is also caused by the failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic. The accident of the motorcycle is a critical factor in the multiple vehicle accidents. Besides that there is one way to reduce the accident involvement it is to use of motorcycle headlamps-on in daylight and the wearing of high visibility yellow, orange or bright red jackets. Some consequences of the motorcycle accident:

There is often simply a result of poor road design, when one falls off a motorcycle in the middle of a curve, lamps and signs create a wall of sorts with little chance to avoid slamming against a pole. The most severe cause is the damage of...
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