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Group Hospitalization for Dependents
Hospital Network Coverage
Personal Accident

1. Shall cover HOSPITALIZATION only ( no out-patients)
2. Coverage of the vacationing crew shall commence at the start of their official vacation leave (disembarkation) up to a maximum of 3 months or date of the next vessel assignment whichever comes first. 3. Crew who will be on vacation due to sickness or injury are not covered under the Plan. 4. Pre-existing condition (except congenital cases) shall be waived for seaman enrollees. 5. Coverage for dependents will commence from the date of seaman’s joining the vessel (embarkation) and will automatically cease upon arrival of seaman. 6. Eligibility requirements for dependents shall be as follows: Married:

* Spouse who are at least 18yrs old but not more than 64yrs old; and * Children who are at least 2wks old but not more than 21 yrs old and unemployed Single:
* Both parents who are not more than 64yrs old; OR
* Siblings who are at least 2wks old but not more than 21 yrs old and unemployed Note:SINGLE crew can ONLY enroll a maximum of 2 eligible dependents – these could either be both the eligible parents OR combination of 1 eligible parent and 1 eligible siblings OR 2 eligible siblings. 7. Exclusions under Major Medical Expenses:

Those in connection with pregnancy or resulting to childbirth or pre-natal or postnatal care except that in the case of (a) severe medical or surgical complications arising out of/or on the occasion of pregnancy or childbirth, (b) ectopic pregnancy, or (c) Cesarean section, the charges shall not b excluded if they otherwise qualify as Covered Expenses and if the pregnancy commenced while the insured person was insured hereunder, or (d) abortion, if said procedure is recommended by the attending physician to avoid loss of life of the insured.

8. Personal Accident shall cover the following:...
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