Ride a Motorcycle and Be Safe

Topics: Motorcycle, Automobile, Manual transmission Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Keith Ruffin
Ms. Wilmot
English 95
17 May 2012
How to Ride a Motorcycle And Be Safe
Riding motorcycles are dangerous, but fun at the same time. Being able to ride on an open road is fun, when there is light traffic or no traffic at all. The danger that a motorcycle brings is falling, hitting a pot hole at excessive speed or even a rock can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle making it dangerous. The weather can make riding a motorcycle dangerous, making it difficult to control your bike if you do not know what to do. Motorcyclists risk their lives every time we go out for a ride. Wearing the proper gear, knowing how to operate a motorcycle, and being aware of the road can keep you safe. Knowing what to wear or how to dress for the weather is the first thing that you do before preparing yourself for a ride on a pleasant day. Protective gear has several purposes, including providing comfort, increasing visibility, and offering protection. When purchasing motorcycle gear, make sure any piece is protective, flexible, breathable and comfortable. When choosing to a helmet, the key is to make sure it is secure but not too tight, or otherwise it may cause headaches. Make sure you buy a helmet that is DOD certified. Be sure to have eye protection so that your eyes will be safe from any debris from the road or keep your eyes from getting too dry from the wind. Gloves are option but they help keep your hands warm. The jacket is also an important part, because it keeps you warm in cold riding situation, your arms are protective, and your torso is protective. Make sure you wear a jacket with a zipper because it is less wind resistance. The most important about thing about motorcycle protective gear, is that nothing should be hanging down loose that could flap in the wind or get caught in the bike. There are several basic controls that you should become familiar with. On the left handlebar is the clutch lever. Mounted on the right handlebar...
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