Risk Management Summary

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Risk Management Summary Rick Smith
July 14, 2014

Risk Management Summary
There are different organizations that can be chosen to study the relationship between both risk and quality management. Risk management and quality management can be applied anywhere in the health care system. Risk management and quality management go hand in hand and have a complementary relationship. This relationship can be applied to the pharmacy organization also. The pharmacy organization is the organization that definitely uses all the risk and quality management have to offer. Pharmacy is the organization that was chosen using background knowledge and new information. Pharmacy is “the branch of the health sciences dealing with the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of drugs.” Pharmacies deal with prescription drugs and filling patient prescriptions. Pharmacists employ the use of science and the knowledge they received from their schooling. With this knowledge, they perform tasks such as helping physicians decide what’s the best or what is the safest medication a patient can receive. Selection is made using compatibility and results as related to alternate prescriptions. Pharmacists do not only help provide information but gather information through observation and communication with the client or patient. Through observation and communication, pharmacists can provide quality medication to patients and help them in many other ways. Pharmacists are not limited to helping with prescription filling. They can advise patients in other areas such as weight loss choices, dieting choices and advice on controlling high blood pressure. Pharmacists can choose to either have their own approved pharmacy as their place of employment or they can choose to work at a prominent pharmacy. This means that pharmacies have more freedom when it comes to ensuring good quality but they have less freedom when it comes to risk management. Both risk management and quality management are important aspects of health care. Risk management used in the health care system means that patient safety is an important aspect. Additionally, safety to staff is an important part of risk management. Risk management is used in pharmacies to decrease patients obtaining prescription drug that they really don’t need or that can be used for resale. To protect against prescription drug misuse, security measures have been added through a risk management program that helps deter or protect the pharmacist. Quality management for health care is when high-performance care to patients is provided through services. Quality management is shown through the training received by staff employees, support for all staff members and constant improvements in the workforce. Quality management in pharmacies can mean that pharmacy personnel should know the alternative names for prescription drugs. Knowing alternative names for drugs helps the pharmacist or the assistants narrow down the request prescription since many of them have different manufacturers and may have a slightly different spelling. In an established pharmacy, the personnel should be familiar with and be able to identify at least half of the medications in the inventory. Pharmacies tend to focus more on controlling and reporting the amount of prescription drugs dispensed as a part of their risk management program. Controlling and reporting the amount of drugs that leave monitored pharmacies give an account on how the drugs are used by the recipients. This is an important part of risk management as the safety of the patient always comes first. If there is even a hint that the patient may be abusing their prescriptions drugs for any other reason than intended purpose, the pharmacist in charge should contact their physician. “Quality Management” (QM), also called...
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