Risk society essay

Topics: Pharmaceutical drug, Medicine, Pharmacology Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Ulrich Beck's Risk Society

-Globality the idea of limits and boundaries is already fictitious

-Ecological hazards, are uncontrollable and know no borders. Environmental damages were caused not by nature, but by mankind through science and technology: the use of these advances, instead of saving humanity, are working to extinguish

-The creation of international institutions in addressing the global dangers is necessary. -Boomerang effect: risks causing systematic damage, which may be definitive and cause social

hazard. These modernization risks affect both, those who produce and those who take advantage . During my stay in Poland last year, I was fortunate to meet Esteban who works in a major

scientific laboratory in Mexico, i do not remember the name of the laboratory .We were talking about various diseases, his research etc, and among conversations about cancer, he claimed that the cure for this disease is already discovered.. Actually he dared to explain how it had been discovered , thousands of words which I did not understand something. And why is not known?,i asked ,because they are not interested. - Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in announcing the results . I mean , a large amount of money would be required to finish that project and start its production . Most of the times , they launch into the market a

medication supposing an increase of long-term profits for pharmaceutical companies, but not in this case.
Currently a person suffering from cancer can spend an average of 1400 euros per year in medicines and treatments, if we multiply that by the number of cancer patients the result is scandalous .However , if these companies had to sell only one treatment with which the cancer

could be finished permanently , the figure would decline considerably and companies would not win what they earn now.-This makes sense from their point of view because one of the most

important pharmaceutical activity rates would be reduced more...
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