Rugmaker Conflict Essay

Topics: United States, Soviet war in Afghanistan, Taliban Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: May 28, 2013
“War has always been the background to my life……and it’s surely helped to form the way I thought about things”. How does this conflict shape life? Body paragraph | Explanation |
Introduction | Focus on other body paragraphs- political conflict in paragraph 1 (asylum seekers)- weave in people smuggling. Body paragraph 2- war: armed (rocket scare when Gorgalli was killed and others injured) body paragraph 3- war in Afghanistan family motion (family/familial ) | Body paragraph 1| Political spectrum- project the idea of civilians seeking asylum due to war stricken countries and problems that arise due to war and political corruption. Relate to the extract (quote) by examining and producing how Najaf sought asylum himself due to problems with the Taliban and people smuggling. | Body paragraph 2| War: armed. Mention how the country Najaf lived in was that horrific and violent and at any moment you could be struck down. Talk of horror and the long term effects of losing a family member because of a country that was unable to stabilize itself.| Body paragraph 3| Family/familial- the wars in Afghanistan between the US and the Soviets was over safety yet it only destroyed safety. Project family structure and how it adapts depending on the situation. “I work hard too but you don’t hear me crying about it”. | Conclusion | No quotes only statements. Reflect everything previously mentioned and establish the outline of my essay. |

Najaf Mazari has been moulded by his war stricken life. His opinions and daily views are shaped by his once violent life in Afghanistan. People can be shaped and changed by a life filled with conflict. Different conflicts have constructed Najaf’s personality such as political conflict and family conflict. The world conflict might prompt us to think of images of warfare, struggle, tears and despair. The tension on the UN security council over Iran’s nuclear program, the ongoing war in Afghanistan and the plight of asylum seekers....
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