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Topics: Marketing, BAE Systems, Military Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: October 31, 2005
What are the advantages and disadvantages with Saab's strategy (the strategy is written below the corporate strategy, p. 5)?

Advantages: One part of their strategy is to grow long-term relationship with their customers, that is a obviousness since almost all deals includes productions that is done over several years. Furthermore the customers will probably need service to the products later on. That they are famous for being in the lead within their product categories is an advantage when their strategy is to increase through existing product categories.

Disadvantages: The fact that they are small on almost each market is a disadvantage when it comes to be able to influence the market with a new way of thinking. As we wrote before, their way of thinking is quite new compared to other companies in e.g. the civil defence market. The bigger competitors have the advantages of scale. Their owner BAE showed that they do not always act in Saab's best interest after the deal with Austria.

A company does a SWOT-analyse to be able to decide future corporate and business alternations. We do it to summarize previous conclusions from the analyses above. You evaluate the strengths and weaknesses and decide how you can use these to handle the markets opportunities and threats.

Strengths: Their leading position in almost every the high technology market they act on. It is positive for them that they spread their risks by acting in different business areas. It is also a strength that they cooperate between the different business units, e.g. that they use inventions made in military purpose in commercial markets. Weaknesses: Their small market share since it is more difficult to influence the market when you are small. It is not good for Saab that BAE owns 33% of Eurofighter as well as they own a big share of Saab. It results in that BAE will only consider what will be most profitable for them, not for Saab. Opportunities: Their new customer South Africa may be a...
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