Topics: Safety, Risk, Theft Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: November 11, 2014
NAME - Annie Lama ROLL NO – 133906011 BHMTT (2nd Year)
ABSTRACT - Safety and security in the housekeeping department is very important. Safety refers to the actual conditions in the work environment and security refers to the prevention of theft, fire, and other emergencies. Housekeeping and Maintenance departments have the highest risk for accidents and injuries. This research aims to discuss the measures of the importance of the work environment safety and also the job safety analysis. The entire research talks about the lists of the possible hazards for the housekeeping employees. It also talks about the prioritize safety awareness and accident prevention in training. The research is based on the importance of fire prevention and fire-fighting and also the practice of the basics of first-aid. It deals with the emergency situations and also describes the procedures for the control of keys. All the plans related to prevention of guest and also employee thefts and how to deal with the sickness or death of a guest on the property. It talks about each and every detail about the procedure for dealing with lost and found items and understanding how housekeeping staff can protect the premises’ from terrorists attack

Hospitality operations, large and small, are extremely vulnerable to security hazards. The very nature of the operation which involves the presence of a wide diversity of people, most of whom are unknown, poses a considerable threat to the security of a property. Risks of fire are also serious;...
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