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A young motor cyclist crashed in a busy shopping area. He accused a student of causing the accident. As a primary witness, you have been asked by the police to submit a report. You must include the 3 points below: The behaviour of a group of students at the shopping area What caused the accident

Consequences of the accident, reactions of parties involved and your opinion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From:Ms Kelly wan

Orchard Avenue
Quatre Bornes

To:The Commissioner of Police
Trianon Police Station

26 May 2011
Accident at Shoprite Shopping area

Behavior of students Shoprite Bus Stop
On Friday 25 May 2011, at around 5 pm, I witnessed an accident involving a motor cycle, a car and a student. I was on the bus stop and a group of students were standing not far from me. I could hear a lot of laughter and joking but no vulgar language. I heard one girl say that her father was on his way and she would soon be home at last.

The Accident
A few minutes later, a car stopped on the other side of the road and horned. The same girl waved goodbye to her friends and stood at the kerb to cross the road. A red Mazda stopped to allow the girl to cross the road. Just then I heard brakes screeching and I saw a motor cycle crash into the Mazda from behind.

Consequences of the Accident
Nobody was hurt but an argument soon broke between the motor cyclist and the car driver. The motor cyclist accused the driver of having braked too suddenly and the driver insisted that the motor cyclist was at fault since he was driving too close behind him.

Seeing the argument, the young girl burst into tears. The motor cyclist limped towards her and yelled that she was wholly responsible for the accident. She was surrounded by her friends and was joined by the man who had horned in the car earlier. The latter did not appreciate the motor cycle’s attitude and...
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