Scenario of Molly

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Molly Scenario for Assessment

Molly is a 30 year old woman who has recently given birth to her second child, a baby boy named Sebastian. The pregnancy and delivery was straight forward without any complications. Molly and baby are currently back at home and all has been well. Molly said that she is looking forward to being a new mum for the second time. She plans to begin running again as this has been something she has always enjoyed and it helped her a couple of times in her life when things have become difficult to cope with.

Molly’s husband is over the moon to have Molly and baby Sebastian at home, he has made an extra effort with their first born son Eric who is 3 years old – he had read somewhere that it can be difficult time for an older sibling and therefore has been making an extra special effort. James had been a little worried about Eric recently as school are concerned that his speech has not developed at the rate they would usually expect and that his concentration levels are a little poor. They have told James not to worry too much at this stage and that it may be a ‘phase’ that he will grow out of.

James has got two weeks paternity leave to help out at home before returning to his job as a fisherman. He is not looking forward to going back to work because this means spending long periods of time away at sea.

Molly’s parents have been very supportive, however, she has complained to James that they are ‘over bearing’ at times. Molly has been told that she is a little bit anaemic and so needs to go into the hospital for a checkup in two days.
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