Topics: Johannesburg, South Africa, Motorcycle Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: August 10, 2012
Harley Davidson

? Should the “Black Diamonds” be targeted, and if so, How


• Yes the black diamonds should be targeted for the Harley Davidson motorbikes. As it is a growing trend within south African Blacks, that like speed.


• 52 out of a total of 2540 H.O.G members are Blacks

• With three female riders living in the Johannesburg area and it’s surroundings.

• Aubrey Mkhabela a black member of the H.O.G has a four years membership.

• The “Black Diamonds” are worth about R180 Billion and make up 28% of the south African spending power.

• Harley Davidson Johannesburg Dealership sponsored the Black Motorcycle club in the Soweto Area known as The Eagles.

• Mamelodi has a Black H.O.G club called Rolling Thunder ( with 11 Members) who are heavily involved with community Projects.

• S.A. black middle class is very complex to understand as they live in two worlds being the modern life style and the traditional one.

• Black Diamonds Identity the one the is most complex and needs reconstruction.


• The 52 Black Members of the H.O.G must do the marketing of the brand within communities, having tours, parties and so forth.

• Riding around black communities on bi-weekly, attending social gatherings in the communities.

• Business Man Like Aubrey Mkhabela need to invite other business man to rallies and H.O.G social gatherings.

• Targeting the “Black Diamonds” at malls, shopping centres and clubs as that’s were most time is spent by them.

• Harley Davidson sponsoring more community projects like the Mmamelodi club is doing.

• Harley Davidson doing studies of understanding Black traditions and make it mixed with the Harley culture.

• Targeting “Black Diamonds” at Work places, to Influence the constructions of the lives of the complex “Black Diamonds” to living and loving Harley Davidson Motorbikes.
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