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While I go by the name Jacob, my real name (Seung-Min Lee) can be a clear give-away that I am of South Korean descent. Despite my birthplace being Daegu and despite my Korean heritage, I see myself simply as an American. It was at the age of three when I came to this country with my parents. My mother and father had make a myriad of sacrifices, including money and close-contact with friends and family, to settle in this land of opportunity. This was all done in return for a brighter future for me as well as for my two younger brothers, Peter and Daniel. While as a human being it is difficult to be grateful in every moment, the fact that my parents struggled so much for my future affects to this day in that it motivates me to pursue and work hard for whatever dreams I had since I understood that such a life should never be taken for granted.

I am currently on the path to becoming a research pharmacist. As a pre-pharmacy major at Georgia State University, I am determined to maintain an excellent GPA during my time of fulfilling prerequisites as well as get a high score on the PCAT. Other than simply being prerequisties for pharmacy school, the classes that I am taking are opportunities that have benefited and will benefit both my career path as well as my life through the knowledge that I gain. My studies in GSU has also come with an enormous amount of opportunities for me to create a network of people that share the same or similar career path, which not only allows continuous inspiration but also builds important connections that boost my chances of achieving my dream career.

I chose to become a pharmacist because medicine was something that has fascinated more than anything else I have come across. While the science behind how a drug affects a person's mind or body is mind-blowing to me, the most enthralling aspect of medicine, is how such drugs are made in the first place. Such passion drove me to narrow down my career...
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