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Case 2.1 ScriptPad

Discussion question 1:

The way ScriptPad was originally positioned satisfied the four dimensions of an ‘opportunity’.

- It was attractive:
1. It provided physicians to submit electronic prescriptions through iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. 2. It can memorize the medical record, the dosage and the volume of the pills. - It was timely:

1. With the development of the internet and technology, the computer is used in everywhere. With the emerging of the IPAD and Iphone. The Scriptpad is the inevitable trend. 2. Through the years, it was approved that 40% of the handwritten prescriptions contain minor errors (per case 2.1 in the textbook), some are even with major problems. 3. Pharmacies are trying their efforts to reduce number of times of ‘call back’, in order to raise the efficiency and keeping the patients to wait less time in store. 4. Patients have the desire in getting fully correct prescriptions, since there are 7,000 deaths occur every year in the United States because of the wrong prescription. The patients are eager to make sure that they will be given the correct pill dosage and the correct pills. ***One sentence: All related people are looking for it. (Something likes ScriptPad that can avoid to making mistakes) - It was durable:

1. An increase in health conscientious is not considered to be a short-term action, after all in all stages, as long as the human nature is sick, they would look for a doctor, as a result, the doctor needs to write a prescription (Or tab a prescription through ScriptPad) 2. The Federal Government and Congress is promoting and funding the electronic medical records and prescriptions, which will be a good opportunity for ScriptPad. - It was anchored in a product or service that creates value for its buyer or end user: 1. The problem with the handwritten prescriptions is that doctors easily write them wrong, and pharmacy staffs easily cannot read the wording, or the pill that in the prescription is not available in enough quantity. ScriptPad solves this problem. They put physicians, pharmacies and patients as their target segment. 2. It solved a problem: Using electronic prescriptions to avoid error handwriting, drug interaction using with other medicines, and pharmacy ‘call back’.

Discussion question 2:

Environmental trends are working in ScriptPad’s favor:

There are four environmental trends that are working in ScriptPad’s favor.

- Social Trends: Physicians, patients and pharmacy staffs strongly need electronic prescriptions - the increasing focus on prevention in making mistakes on the prescriptions. - Technological trends: Smart phones and portable notepads make it possible for ScriptPad to spread its invention. - Economic trends: If there will be more physicians to use ScriptPad app, and more pharmacies are willing to use electronic prescriptions through ScriptPad, it will create a favorable opportunity to ScriptPad to make money. - Political action and regulatory changes: The Federal Government and Congress have approved to promote the electronic medical records and prescriptions. They will submit the fund and incentives to the relevant department.

Some of the environmental trends that have made ScriptPad possible, after ScriptPad has uncovered a promising business opportunity:

- Lower cost of entry
- Smart phone and portable devices are common
- Remotely managed through network
- Offers more convenience, reliability, intuitive functionality - Pharmacies are directly linked to physicians’ smart phone - Government promotion

Discussion question 3:

A. If I were that doctor, I would prefer to use ScriptPad, reasons:

I. I only need to pay $49 per month for the premium service, while I can get back $3,500 a year from the Federal government as an incentive to use electronic prescription....
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