sexual equality

Topics: Woman, Gender, Female Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: October 4, 2014
Sexual equality may not exist in the workplace

Although female have obtain equal right as male have in routine life, there might still exist some discrimination in the workplace that treats women differently such as employment, salary and opportunity.

The first issue, getting hired, is already full of barriers for a female who wants to start her career. The main reason might be the human recourse cost and risk. It is hard to get an offer if a woman job seeker hasn’t given a birth. Because of Maternity leave cloud raise human resource cost not only in finance but also in management. Mangers need to pay more attention to women employee because their mood is not stable. In addition, pregnant employee in a company is usually considered as a high-risk element. The company has to consider their safety and the candidate, to take place of who quits after gave a birth. If any accident happened during the work time the consequence could be unimaginable.

Further more, considering the cost and the risk, the payment of female employee will not as same as the male. Our society hopes women take more responsibility of family. So it is acceptable that women could leave early or switch their shift when family members sick. Meanwhile, some kinds of work are not appropriate for women to do because of the natural difference that women are weak at physical energy makes them less effective. Obviously, there is objective reasons make firms pay less to female employee.

As the consequence of low effective and high human recourse cost the space of a women employee to get a promotion is limited. The leader of a corporation is less willing to give an opportunity to a women candidate on an important position which made female manager rarely in a manage level. There maybe some reasons can explain it. The nature of women might push them away from carrying working responsibility, this predisposition made them a less competitive. And also back to the topic we talked early, women are...
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