Should the United State Stop Drone Striking?

Topics: United States, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Donna Skipper
English 3001
Professor Sapoznikov

Since the decreased use of drone from the Bush to the Obama administration, many people are wondering whether or not drone strike have been beneficial to the United Stats and the countries they are protecting. Considering the countless lives taken and the anger towards the United States, on the other hand, many people would agree that a strong military defense is vital in securing the safety of all Americans and their allies. How ever so is long-term peace and stability for one’s country, which the Obama administration has not been able to deliver in the Middle East. Although this may be true that the Obama administration has achieved its goal by disrupting terrorist plots and militant networks, involving no American casualties. I believe the drone strikes should end because the Obama administration has succeeded in dismantling the Al Qaida core central intelligence centers in Pakistan and Afghanistan, weakening the leadership within these organizations. In addition, to weakening the terrorist organizations, the use of drones have angered many people in these countries, it has also had many people question the American judicial system and has created an emotional exhaustion with the American jet fighters. To begin with, the Obama administration foreign policy has created undiplomatic relations in foreign countries like Yemen. According to “Christopher Swift, a student at the University of Virginia law School’s center for National Security Law, claimed after a visit to Yemen in May, 2012 there seemed to be a psychological acceptance within the communities of Yemen for the Al Quidas regimes because of the United States” carelessness in targeting there targets in the region of Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan also seem to be following the same trend as Yemen. “The use of drones has also created an acrimonious relationship with the Pakistani Military whose cooperation is central in the effort to...
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