Simulation Paper

Topics: Rainforest, Natural resource, Rainforests Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Simulation Paper
Carlos Young
SCI 362
January 3, 2013
Kenneth Rayford

Simulation Paper
In this simulation the issue that is brought up is the fact that a pharmaceutical company is making all sorts of medicines and health products. Their intention is to use the rainforests resources to make the products that is used to help people with their health from the medicines they create. This scenario has the issue of the rainforest being cut down but not kept up with when it comes to being replenished and how the rainforests are becoming desolate places. There are many different people that have a say in this matter and it is issue that has to be identified and recognized and a plan formulated to deal with it. But this issue not only includes the rainforest but the tribe who benefits from the rainforest and its natural resources who will be deprived of the land and what it can give. So not only is a plan need to be formulated for the rainforest and how to keep it intact but to also keep those that live there intact as well. The ethics of the stakeholders are those of moral standards and from what it seems is not that of selfish desires. When confronting a problem you first have to identify who have a part in the issue. The stakeholders in this issue are the people from the pharmaceutical company who need the rainforest for their medicines that they are creating. Also the tribe that live off this rainforest and its resources is also a stakeholder as explained earlier that they too play a role of using the rainforest. And then there is the people that will benefit from the medicines once it is processed and administered to them. These entities are the ones that have a stake in all of this an issue needs to be handled. With each person there is a way of thinking and ethical guideline in which they will follow. The tribe are simple people and live a life naturally with no technology and rely on the environment and its resources to continue to live their life. The...
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