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ould Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?
Animal welfare charities reacted angrily to news in July that the number of animal experiments rose to a record high in Britain last year – a 40 per cent rise over the last decade. Two years ago, Cardiff University defended sewing kittens’ eyes shut, as means to find a cure for lazy eyes. In their statement, they said the purpose of the work and its conduct was approved by both the university’s own ethical review process and the Home Office as part of the licensing process. The 1990s saw a campaign to end cosmetics testing Europe-wide, and next year, Europe will introduce a ban on selling newly animal-tested cosmetics, for the first time excluding products that don’t comply. When it comes to scientific research, however, scientists have defended the use of experiments and said researchers were reducing the proportion of animals used per study at a time of rising funding for bio-sciences. But should animals be used for scientific testing? Is it far removed from testing for beauty products? Or is the research required to help save human lives?

Nobody likes the idea of animals suffering in the name of beauty to test cosmetics but it’s harder to condemn some scientists who’ve perhaps used animals to research cures for Alzheimer’s, or vaccines against malaria or to develop a life support system to help premature babies to survive. Is animal testing ever justified?

Scientists may believe animal testing is justified for improvement of medicine and treatments and what they’ve done with primates they may be proud of because it had let to many thousands of people improvemnts in their lives not just with Parkinsons disease but some wotj that they’ve done in

Whether it’s a dog cat rabbit hamster goldfish , or lizard

Experiments on living animals arose in the early 17century. The history of animal testing is interesting aspects of what remains a controversial subject today. Animal testing has a major...
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