Slums in Pakistan

Topics: Millennium Development Goals, Poverty, Sanitation Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: April 29, 2013

Pakistan, ranked 141 of 182 in the United Nation’s Human Poverty Index, faces complex development challenges and is characterized by major inequalities in income and access to basic services.  A high proportion of people in Pakistan live in slums and the country is facing rapid, sustained slum growth rates.  Urgent action is required to slow down or reverse these trends. A significant proportion of Pakistan’s population lack access to basic infrastructure (90% of the population has access to improved water, and only 45% to improved sanitation), suffer from ill health and illiteracy, with 60% living on less than two US dollars a day. The Pakistan is very diverse in the sense that it has many people who are leaving below the poverty line. Pakistan is a developing country. Pakistan population has steadily risen in its history. Poverty has almost always surpassed the other people who are living easily in country when we take a glance at the history of Pakistan. Many of the department such as developing authorities of Pakistan is in countries that have bilateral relations along with rural area in Pakistan. Slums are increased steadily throughout the history of Pakistan Slum and their present in Pakistan play role economically and politically. Pakistan has wide range of slums. Pakistan is home to a significant proportion of the worlds poor. Almost a quarter of the country’s 158 million people survive beneath a poverty line evaluated as the cost of basic food and essential non-food items and which has been adopted as the benchmark for progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).This indicator stood at 26.1% in 1990 but rose to 34.5% by the end of that decade. The figure of 23.9% reported by the most recent household survey conducted in2004/05 therefore implies a rate of poverty reduction which would...
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