Social Class of Pakistan

Topics: Sociology, Jewellery, Pierre Bourdieu Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Consumer Behavior-1


Name the social classes of Pakistan and launch a product which targets any of the social class.

“People in a society are ranked into higher and lower social positions, which produces a hierarchy of respect or prestige is called Social Class.”


In Pakistan, people are divided into social classes on the bases of income, education, power, ownership of property, occupation, association etc.

Stone studded silver jewellery is manufactured and exported all around the World. It is highly recognized by its innovative designs. This product is launched to target upper-middle class customers in Pakistan.

Product line:
* Stone Studded Silver Earrings
* Stone Studded Silver Pendants
* Stone Studded Silver Bracelets
* Stone Studded Silver Necklaces
* Cut Gemstones
* They purchase high quality products.
* Their more emphasis is on taste.
* They are highly educated people.
* Their motive is to achieve success in their careers, reaching a high income level and achieving social advancements for themselves. * Their reference group is the upper class.
* They tend to be more knowledgeable about what, where and when to shop. * Shopping places (stores) should be clean, orderly and reflect good taste. * Attracted by different and unique approaches of promotion. By looking at the characteristics of our customers, we will produce a product which will satisfy their needs and wants. FIRM’S SPECIFICATIONS

* The Making of a Master Piece:
Our jewellery today is made in a way, which enables us to produce consistent high quality designs. The basic shape of our jewellery is prepared by different manufacturing processes such as: * Investment

* Casting
* Refining
* Fabrication
The blanks kept for studding diamonds and semi-precious stones are...
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