Society Dictating Life

Topics: Doctor, Family, John Berger Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: November 5, 2008
In so many ways society dictates our life. Whether it is what we wear, where we shop, the music we listen to or even our religion. These are all large parts of our life. The choices we make in life are largely a reflection of societies influence. Usually and hopefully the role society plays is not of any real detriment to us or our family and loved ones. What if it is a detriment to our health or a loved ones health?

Everyone is influenced by someone who is in return influenced by another someone. Take doctors for example, they are influenced by pharmaceutical companies who schmooze them over with meals and treats to get them to prescribe their drug. The doctors in turn push those drugs on the patients. Usually this is a good thing and the drugs the patients receive help them out. That is if the patient takes the medication prescribed to them. Sometimes the patient does not take the prescribed medication because of things that they have heard about the drugs and the awful side effects it can have. This can be a viscous cycle of society expecting patients to listen to the doctors with no questions asked.

Society is the cause of many conflicts. Society places such large expectations on individuals and how they should be. Men have always been told they must be manly and strong and not show weakness. But to what extent should this have to be true? Men should be told it is ok to be weak at times and to do what their told if the end result is Prechtl-2 going to help them out. So many men still will not show the weakness because society has made them believe that “men don’t cry” and that they are strong creatures. This was a prime example of my grandfather or Papa as he was known to his grandkids.

Papa was a typical old school Italian. Papa was very focused on family and tradition. He was a war vet and because of that very...
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