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Topics: Democratic Party, War on Terrorism, September 11 attacks Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Joe Kissinger
Intro. to Sociology 2110-08
5 September 2011
By declaring war after the attacks on September 11, 2001, the Bush administration garnered some advantages. These advantages were not used by Bush for personal reason but so that it was easier for the U.S.A., as a nation, to come together and fight terror. I think declaring the terrorist attacks as an act of war was the best move President Bush could have made. During war, our nation tends to come together as one, put everything else aside, and do whatever we can to help. During wartime, the public places more trust and is more loyal toward elected officials or anyone else of utmost importance. There are rarely any people who still give Congress a hard time when they are working their tails off to save our country; that would just be downright wrong and disrespectful. By declaring war, people feel more need for the President and they will give him more leeway then as per usual because of the struggle. In view of President Bush’s advantages of declaring the September 11 attacks as an act of war, he made his life a bit easier. After declaring war, the President enjoys much less criticism and political infighting. President Bush had enough on his plate and declaring the attacks as war was a smart move on his part because it silenced any outside opinions, put himself in control, and gained the support of the entire nation.

Denton defines human communication as “the vehicle for political and social thought, debate, and action.” Denton believes very strongly in human communication and that it is
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