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Topics: Rhetoric, Pharmacology, Drugs Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Prescription Drug Commercial (by Andrea Kelly)
After watching the speech, I discovered that the purpose of the speech was to inform people how prescription drug commercials mislead people, what actions have taken place by Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and what people should do or react in this kind of matters. The speaker, Andrea Kelly, wants to persuade people to give attention for prescription drug commercials. She tried to encourage her audience to not to fool by these unethical commercials. Her topic fits for all type of adult audience of any diversity. Her speech had strong and some weak components which need to be discussed point by point. Although Andrea Kelly’s speech is a student speech for educational purpose, the critique of her speech follows the formal persuasive guideline which divides the criteria on three general categories- content of the speech, oral delivery, and effectiveness of the visual aid.
The content of Andrea Kelly’s speech, starting from the introduction part to the conclusion, can be evaluated using persuasive speech basic principles. To begin with the introduction part there is no formal greeting. It affects her relationship with the audience. If she greet her audience and tell her name when she start speaking, it would help her to take a breath in addition to following a formal introduction pattern. At the beginning of her speech, Andrea invited the audience to watch three pictures used on commercials three prescribed medicines, Crestor, Neurontin, and Viagra. However, she continued giving explanations of the pictures without any pause after her invitation to think about the drugs and how they make them feel. Following the explanation of the pictures she directly jumped to the attention getter. In fact, the attention getter is strong. It followed by a credible source and statistics about the side effects of the drugs. However, the absence of the purpose statement made the audience unable to follow her flow. It would...
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