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Solace Pharma is a subsidiary Business Unit of SJ&G Pharmaceutical Group. Solace Pharma consists solely Orthopedic Product-Portfolios. Pain Killers, Osteoporotic therapies both oral and parental, Muscles’ Relaxants, Arthritis therapies are the hallmark of Solace Business division. Solace Pharma is known is one of the best Pharmaceutical Companies amongst the Healthcare professionals across the Country. The turnover of Solace Pharma is around 25 million per month and 300 million per anum. The organogram of Solace Pharma is as follows: Country Manager is heading three Strategic Business Units and each Business Unit headed by either Business Unit Manager or National Sales Manager. Sales Managers are reported to BUMs/NSMs and Area Sales Mangers are reporting to Sales Managers. Subsequently Specialty Officers or Field Executives are reported to Area Sales Managers. The overall hierarchy is well defined and very confined at every level. The whole Country is divided into Regions and territories. CURRENT & POTENTIAL PROSPECTS:

Orthopedicians, Rheumatologists, Physicians, Neurophysicians and Neuro-Surgeons, Gynecologists’, Chest Physicians, Family Physicians and Medical and Resident Officers of Emergencies and OPDs are the prominent current and potential Prospects of Solace Pharma. Currently each SO/FE enlisted 80 to 100 doctors on their lists. Each customer is being visited on weekly basis or at least thrice in a month. MARKETING & OTHER PROMOTIONAL TOOLS:

Apart from routine promotional tools i.e. Literatures, Samples, Gadgets, and Patients awareness leaflets, the company is very aggressive in other promotional activities like scientific Local Speaker Programs, Round Table discussion, Ward Presentations, One to one Chamber presentations. Participation in Local and International Conferences and conducting foreign CMEs as well. Company is not very stringent in discount and other promotional policies to the specific doctors and Institutions. Overall it has very competitive and aggressive Marketing & promotional activities. PRODUCT PORTFOLIOS:

The Company has following different therapeutic classes of molecules and Brands. Muto (Meloxicam) (Painkiller)
Otek (Piroxicam+bitadex)(Painkiller)
Thiolax (Thiocolchicoside) (Muscle Relaxant)
Tizpa (Tizanidine) (Muscle Relaxant)
Bionic (Ibandronate Sodium)
Drate (Alendronate Sodium)
Drate+D (Alendronate+Colecalcepherol)
Salmocal (Salcatonin)
Edonax (Zoledronic Acid)
Rein (Diacerein)
Cara (Leflenomide)

There are three specialized orthopedic segment teams in Solace right now. Following are the teams and their responsibility of products. So, the below data shows that the target audience are the same for all three teams for almost all the products.


Solace A

Muto & Tizpa, Bonelift,
Drate, Gabafix

Orthopedic Surgeons, Neuro-Surgeons, Medical Specialists, Rheumatologists, MO/RMO, GOBs and Family Physicians Solace B

Solace C
Otek & Thiolax, Rein, Cara
Salmocal, Drate+D
Bionic, Edonax


Since the target audiences are the same for both teams for all the products and company’s marketing strategies in order to get maximum businesses from KOLs are focused regarding the personal obligations, Local and international conferences and CMEs. The Specialty Officers of both teams are visiting same doctors four times in a month. The detailing, knowledge of products, competition knowledge is satisfactory for each Specialty Officer of the company. Since the investment made on these customers are cumulative from all the three teams. Let us suppose, if Solace want to oblige any doctor in any activity then Solace A & Solace B have to contribute 40% each, whereas, Solace C has to give 20% share. The main problem has occurred when all three Specialty Officers of different teams go for professional call to that...
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