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Llambi Shandro.

Graded Assignments

Unit 1 Assignment 1: Change Wheel
Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
Describe personal changes in relation to global/historical changes. Communicate information using Microsoft Office productivity tools and email.

Assignment Requirements
Review Chapter 1, pp. 4-19 and then complete the Change Wheel Worksheet (found on the next page in this graded assignment.)

Required Resources
Completed Preparation for Success Checklist

Submission Requirements
Submit completed worksheet to instructor by the beginning of Unit 2.

The Change Wheel
Personal and Global Perspectives

Before completing this assignment, please review Chapter 1, pp. 4-19. In Unit 1, we looked at change from several vantage points, including need, difficulty, and strategies for success. To complete this assignment, think carefully about change you have experienced in your personal life, and change in the world around you during your life.

Task 1: Personal Change Identification
Directions: Brainstorm a list of significant changes you have personally experienced throughout your life. Review your list, and identify six major changes that have affected you in very important ways. List them here:

1. Graduated from High School.
2.Getting my football scholarship taken away.
3.The death of my grandpa.
4.Getting into ITT nursing program.
5.Becoming a weightlifting instructor.
6.Dropping out of FSCJ.

Task 2: Personal Change Assessment
Directions: Review the six changes you selected. How do they compare to each other in magnitude, when you consider the effect each has had on your life? Rank and re-order the changes listed above, starting with the one with the greatest, most far-reaching impact, then the next most affecting change, and so on.

1.Death of my grandpa.
2.Losing my football scholarship.
3.Graduating from High School.
4.Dropping out of FSCJ.
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