Topics: Woman, Poetry, Stanza Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Feminism is the ideaology aimed at achieiving equality in political, economic, social rights and equal opportunities as the opposite sex. It opposes domestic violence and sexual assult.

Mother who gave life to me
From a feminist point of view, the poem has various examples of feminism. The poet makes several references to motherhood, and her mother is a perfect example of a woman of her time. She shows her love and admiration for the mother that gave her life, and for all mothers who have given birth. The first stanza illustrates a woman's most common role, child birth, "I think of women bearing women", with the implication of girl children already being born as women because of their instinct to nurture. Through out stanzas two, three and four, women are depicted as wise, passing wisdom from each generation to the next. She expresses her realisation how women have always been perceived as beings who nurture and care, tracing back to the primitive ages; "monkey bosom, lemur beast" Stanza five is where the poet talks about her mothers death. "The Sister said, when she died she was folding a little towel." In this line, "Sister" could also develop the idea of a chain of femininity that stresses back in time. Also, the act of the mother folding a towel implies the concept of motherhood and duty. Rather than writing her mother lived 82 years, Harwood writes "You left the world so, having lived nearly thirty thousand days." Reference to her life span in days makes her existence seem significant and more detailed. Just like a woman's daily work involves tedious and detailed tasks. The final stanza is Harwood describing her memories with her mother, "a lamp on embroided linen, my supper set out, your voice calling me in as darkness falls on my father's house." The lamp is a comforting symbol for light, guidance and support and can be a comparison to her mother.
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